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Why the Slots in "WSOP" Are Bad

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WSOP, Slot Machines, and Poker

WSOP is a poker game made by mobile game maker Playtika. But in this article, I am not going to be talking about poker but slot machines.

I am going to explain why playing slot machines in WSOP is a bad choice to make. I am also going to explain why there are better options.

The Key Takeaway Points

  • Slots in WSOP are bad.
  • Slots in WSOP are boring.
  • Slots in WSOP are a waste of chips.
  • Free spins and some missions are OK.

I Have Never Liked Slots

I am biased. I have never liked slot machines. I feel I should mention this to be fair and to give you a perspective of why I am writing this.

But even with my dislike of slot machines, I feel if you closely read what I have to say, you might agree with some of it.

The Slot Machines in WSOP Are Second to Poker

WSOP is a good Texas hold ‘em and Omaha hold ‘em game. The animations are neat, and the game works well.

The slot machines are a mere mini-game when compared to this.

Sure the slots work OK, and I suppose you get what you see. But the game was not designed to play slots.

This leads to me my second point . . .

This is a hand of poker in "WSOP."

This is a hand of poker in "WSOP."

The Slot Machines in WSOP Are Too Simple

There are just much better options than spinning slots in WSOP. You would be better off playing a dedicated slots game.

The slots in WSOP do not have free spin rounds. There are no bonus rounds. When you do win, you miss out on the exciting animations you get from other slots games.

These are the things that make slots exciting and keep players hooked. By playing slots in WSOP, you don’t get all the things that make slots fun.

Even a slots hater like me has to admit that slots game do everything they can to make the experience enjoyable.

When do you finally win, it is quite exciting. It is that dopamine rush that makes it worth it.

So why would you waste poker chips on a watered-down experience?

If you like WSOP, I would consider playing one of Playtika’s dedicated slots games.

You will have more fun and also not have to worry about running out of chips to play poker.

I would recommend House of Fun or Slotomania.

There are many slots games on Google Play or The App Store.

Wow. How Exciting.

Wow. How Exciting.

There Is No Skill in Slots

Poker is a skill-based game. Despite what some paranoid and angry people might say or think, this is still true in WSOP. Playing better poker does win you more chips long term.

But there is no skill to slots. You can change the amount you bet, and that is all you can do. There is no strategy for that.

By Playing Slots You Risk Running Out of Chips to Play Poker

I know I risk sounding snobbish saying this, but most poker players have terrible bankroll habits and strategy.

These are the players who go broke over and over and never grow their chip stack. Bonus points if they then exclaim to others how the game is rigged and cheating them.

Well, slots don't help any. Playing slots will lose chips. There is no question about it. By playing slots, you are wasting chips that could have been a poker bet.

You might think, but if I win big, that is more chips to use while playing poker! OK. That may happen.

But you most likely will lose more chips than you put in playing slots. Just like in real life, very few people ever win big.

This is the pay table for the slots in "WSOP."

This is the pay table for the slots in "WSOP."

The Slots in WSOP Will End Your Poker Career

Also, the game starts you with a very high default spin amount.

I once accidentally spun the slots and lost 50 million chips. This happened because I was not paying attention and clicked the slots again after using my free spin.

I was very angry and annoyed. I felt I just wasted a whole poker buy-in going all-in with a bad hand.

To think that I could have spent my entire bankroll in mere minutes is a very scary thought.

All you would have to do is click auto spin and walk away for a few minutes, and it would all be gone.

This is my default bet size. I would be able to make about 26 of these, and then I would be broke. Why is this a good idea?!

This is my default bet size. I would be able to make about 26 of these, and then I would be broke. Why is this a good idea?!

There Are Some Reasons to Play the Slots in WSOP

Always Use Your Free Spins

Every day you get at least one free slot machine spin. Might as well go ahead and click it and see what happens.

This free spin won’t ever win you too many chips. But there is no risk to using a free spin.

Some missions give more free slot machine spins as well. Just be careful to only spin while the button shows free!

Some missions require you to win chips playing the slot machines. These missions often only require winning a few million chips or less.

For the right missions, slots are worth playing. You can save mission rewards and use them at the same time. So it helps to get the most you can out of these missions.

Just be careful to lower the bet amount to a much safer number. You want to be close to what you need to win.

Also, stop spinning once you complete the mission!

Free spins are worth using.

Free spins are worth using.

Some slot related missions are worth completing in "WSOP."

Some slot related missions are worth completing in "WSOP."

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