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“Zynga Poker” Compared to “WSOP”

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Zynga Poker VS WSOP

Zynga Poker and WSOP are two free online poker games. Zynga makes Zynga Poker and Playtika makes WSOP.

Both games are fun to play. But what game is the better game? In this post, I will do my best to decide!

"Zynga Poker" main menu.

"Zynga Poker" main menu.

"WSOP" main menu.

"WSOP" main menu.

Game Controls Compared

The controls in Zynga Poker look nicer and more easy to use. WSOP has OK controls, but it can be better.

Zynga Poker has better controls.

The "Zynga Poker" betting controls.

The "Zynga Poker" betting controls.

The "WSOP" betting controls.

The "WSOP" betting controls.

How the Games Look

Zynga Poker looks a bit better. I like the larger cards found in Zynga Poker. Zynga Poker also has more fun event tables.

WSOP looks a bit plain in comparison.

Zynga Poker Looks better.

"Zynga Poker" table.

"Zynga Poker" table.

"WSOP" table.

"WSOP" table.

How the Games Sound

I am pretty indifferent about both games here. They both have generic sounds, and they both have sounds that don’t add much to the game.

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I say it is a tie as I don’t like one over the other.

Poker Options Compared

WSOP has Texas hold ‘em and Omaha hold 'em. Zynga Poker only has Texas hold ‘em.

Both games have fast speed tables. Zynga Poker has five and nine person tables, and WSOP only has nine person tables.

Both games have sit and go games, but they are different formats. WSOP has more winner take all events.

Zynga Poker has traditional games and a winner take all event called spin and go.

I like the options provided by Zynga Poker more.

"Zynga Poker" tournaments.

"Zynga Poker" tournaments.

A "WSOP" sit and go tournament.

A "WSOP" sit and go tournament.

Game Events Compared

WSOP has many events. The game even has event poker game modes! Zynga Poker has few events, and Zynga Poker does not have any event game modes.

WSOP is the clear winner here.

Zynga Poker needs to step up its event game because they are pretty bland and boring. Some recent events have been nicer, though.

The "WSOP" King of the Table event.

The "WSOP" King of the Table event.

Leagues and Competition Compared

WSOP has clubs. You don’t compete with people in clubs. You move up and down in clubs based on your own gameplay and nothing else.

Zynga Poker has leagues. Leagues happen every week, and you move up and down based on how you play compared to other players in the leagues.

I like the more competitive nature of Zynga Poker leagues. Zynga Poker has more fun league like options.

Zynga Poker is the winner

A "WSOP" club.

A "WSOP" club.

Things to Collect Compared

Zynga Poker has a collection of watches. You earn chips in a collection, and then you get the watch.

You can show the watches to other players, and collecting watches also gives you extra chips.

There are also rings you can collect by winning tournaments.

WSOP has bracelets you can collect. You get these by earning bracelet points and playing the game often. You can also collect rings by playing in sit and go games.

You can show both rings and bracelets to other players. You also get extra chips from collecting rings and bracelets.

This matchup is close. I can't really say I like one over the other. I don't like one enough to say it is a clear winner.

This is a draw.

The first "WSOP" bracelet collection.

The first "WSOP" bracelet collection.

My Thoughts on Both Games

I like both WSOP and Zynga Poker. I often play them at the same time. But I would say I like Zynga Poker more.

Zynga Poker is more consistently fun. I like playing normal Texas hold 'em on Zynga Poker the most.

I like the more varied events and game modes WSOP has. I wish Zynga Poker would copy this strategy and have unique events as well.

WSOP is the most fun to play during events.

The "Zynga Poker" app icon.

The "Zynga Poker" app icon.

© 2020 Eric Farmer


Eric Farmer (author) from Rockford Illinois on July 12, 2020:

Zynga Poker seems to have the most action to me. I see crazy plays more rarely on WSOP at the stakes I play there. My chip counts changes the most on a daily basis playing on Zynga Poker as well!

Robert Fallona on July 12, 2020:

I play most of them including Poker Heat which is a pain ie mainly Donks playing although they are everywhere. In fact they ought to set up Donkey Tables to go all in every hand. I know WSOP has them once a week, but the Donks can't seem to find them. I prefer ones closer to real poker. I have 3 Billion chips at Zynga ( no buys) and 150 million plus at both WSOP tables. Poker Heat I don't like due to having to jump up a league to stay even vs Safe Zones which have like 2-3 players.

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