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"Zynga Poker" Table Items Guide

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Learn About the Table Items in Zynga Poker

There are table items you can buy for other players in Zynga Poker. You can use table items for multiple reasons.

I am going to explain what these items represent and how to use them.

The Zynga Poker block gifts table item.

The Zynga Poker block gifts table item.

How to Block Table Items

Not everybody thinks table items are fun. Thankfully there is an easy way to stop people from buying these items for you.

You just need to buy the free block gifts table item. As long as you have this item equipped, nobody will be able to change your table item.

This item costs no chips so you can always buy it.

The angel item.

The angel item.

Angel Item

What Does the Angel Item Mean?

These are players who play straightforward poker. They bet when they are strong and fold when they are weak. There are no surprises from these players.

How Do I Use the Angel Item?

I give this item to players who play very straightforward poker and who play well. Often you can tell when these players have a great hand because of how obvious it is.

The devil item.

The devil item.

Devil Item

What Does the Devil Item Mean?

These players bet often. They make playing against them hard, and you need to make tough decisions. Often this type of player gets on everybody's nerves.

How Do I Use the Devil Item?

I give this item to players who are betting often, but I can't tell how they are playing. They are annoying overall.

The donkey item.

The donkey item.

Donkey Item

What Does the Donkey Item Mean?

Donkey is a slang word in poker for very aggressive players. But it specifically refers to the bad ones. These are the players that bluff and raise often.

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You will see these players go all-in and lose with worse hands. These players bet big as if they are throwing temper tantrums after losing hands.

How Do I Use the Donkey Item?

If you think somebody is playing bad, buy them this item. The results will almost always be interesting.

The funny thing is if that player is not bad, they often will start to play badly in an attempt to get "revenge" or because of tilt.

I also had interesting results by buying this item for myself.

Some players read too much into these items, and they assume that must mean I am bad. I won some big hands because of this and it is funny to see.

Event Trophies

What are Event Trophies

Sometimes Zynga Poker hands out permanent trophies for doing well in events. These trophies are often given on in sit and go related events.

How Do I Use Event Trophies?

Event trophies show off you play the game often. These items also show you care enough about your play to get one.

The fish item.

The fish item.

Fish Item

What Does the Fish Item Mean?

In poker, fish is a slang word for a bad player. Fish specifically call a lot of bets they should not.

They often call huge bets and then fold. They also mindlessly chase hands like straight and flush draws no matter what the odds.

How Do I Use the Fish Item?

Buy this item for people who call this much. Warning! Doing this almost always will annoying this player. The results will be interesting sometimes.

The joker item.

The joker item.

Joker Item

What Does the Joker Item Mean?

The fool is the joker item. I give this to people who make poker plays for no reason at all. It seems like these players are playing randomly with no strategy.

How Do I Use the Joker Item?

I buy this item when players make a play so confusing that I can't imagine why they did this.

The love items.

The love items.

Love Items

Love Items List

  • Cupid
  • Kiss
  • Love potion
  • Rose

What Do Love Items Mean?

People use these items to show affection. Often unsolicited. I often see men sending these items to women.

How Do I Use Love Item?

I send to the players after beating them in big hands for many chips. I sure do love a good win and the people who give them to me.

Slow player items.

Slow player items.

Play Faster Items

Play Faster Item List

  • Coffee
  • Energy Drink
  • Tortoise

What Do Play Faster Items Mean?

These table items represent slow poker players. People who play slow all the time lower the action at the poker table.

These players often annoy the other players present.

How Do I Use Play Faster Item?

I send them to players who are playing very slow. I will change tables if I get annoyed.

Poison item.

Poison item.

Poison Item

What Does the Poison Item Mean?

The poison item means a player does not like you. It could mean some other means things as well, but I am sure you can imagine.

How Do I Use the Poison Item?

I often buy it for players who beat me for a lot of chips when I am very annoyed. I often send this to players before leaving a table.

I am not saint! I get titled and annoyed too.

Also, I figure Zynga doesn't mind people using this item this way. Or they would have not put it in the game.

Shark item.

Shark item.

Shark Item

What Does the Shark Item Mean?

These players often play very aggressively, but they know how to play aggressively well.

They make life hard for the other players at the table, and often people start to leave.

How Do I Use the Shark Item?

I buy this item for players I think are playing well. While I rather not play with good poker players, I sometimes acknowledge they are doing well.

Tissues item.

Tissues item.

Tissues Item

What Does the Tissues Item Mean?

I often see people buy this item for other players after losing a big hand.

Sometimes people buy this item for players who never win any hands.

Also, some people buy this item for people who whine often in the live chat.

How Do I Use the Tissues Item?

I like to buy this item for people who play with their whole stack and lose it. I figure they might need a box of tissues after such a huge loss.

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Questions & Answers

Question: How do you buy somebody an item in Zynga Poker?

Answer: Click/Tap on the item slot near their player avatar. Then buy the item you want! If they have the block table items - item then you will not be able to do this.

Question: Why Does Zynga remove some items in Zynga Poker?

Answer: I am not sure why Zynga randomly removes items sometimes. Only they can answer.

Question: How do you reset your chip stack in Zynga Poker?

Answer: If you wait at a table long enough and rejoin your chip stack will reset. I am not quite sure how long you have to wait, but it is more than a few minutes.

Reloading the game and staying on the table helps, I think.

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Eric Farmer (author) from Rockford Illinois on September 02, 2020:

Like I mentioned in the article there is a table item you can get for free that blocks people from buying you items.

Me on September 01, 2020:

Some players don’t have table items how do you get rid of them? Thanks

Eric Farmer (author) from Rockford Illinois on July 07, 2020:

I am not sure what you mean by this. There used to be card trophies but these are no longer in the game.

Chelie on July 06, 2020:

Some players have 'cards' in the items spot, how I can do that?

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