Guide to Marauding Caesary Wilds

Updated on February 3, 2017

Introduction to Caesary

Caesary is a free-to-play (f2p), real-time-strategy (rts) browser-based game. It's hosted by a variety of portals (links on the right).

Caesary is set in Ancient Rome, and is very similar to the original Evony.

Players increase their player rank by gaining prestige (i.e. by creating and improving buildings, technology, troops, and fortifications) and increasing their noble rank. Noble rank can be gained by increasing your prestige, gathering luxury goods, and sesterces. (After the rank of 5th Legion Chief has been achieved, additional items from the Axis of Independence must be gathered as well.)

Players can increase their honor by beating the NPC players, but the best way to increase honor is by killing other players' troops and by colonizing other players.


Introduction to Wilds

Wilds exist as a mechanism to gather resources -- you attack them with "maraud" to gather resources and "seize" to gather resources and increase your city's production. Each type of wild has an associated resource (and resource production boost) that it will give.

  • Streams, Rivers, Lakes give crops.
  • Bushes, Woods, Forests give lumber.
  • Sands, Deserts, Cliffs give stone.
  • Hills, Mountains, Plateaus give iron.

Each city is limited in the number of wilds it can have seized -- it can't own any more than its rectorate level, and it cannot own more than 10 wilds (of any type). When a wild is seized, its level determines the production boost -- level 1 wilds (the easiest level) gives a 3% boost to production, whereas a level 10 wild (the hardest level) would give a 30% boost; every level increases the boost given by 3%.

The difficulty of the wild increases with the level, but there are also variations within the level. For instance, some wilds may only have hastati and sagittari, and others may have onagers, principes, hastati, sagittari, equites, AND ballistae. The more difficult the wild, the more resources it gives. For instance, a more difficult level 6 will give more resources than a weak level 7.

You can change the difficulty of a wild by seizing and releasing it; every time you release it, the troops in the wild changes. As well, every time there's a server restart (like after a system maintenance), the wild's troops change.

Lossless Wild Marauding - Level 1

Battle Strategies for Wilds

The table below shows one set of minimum troops that can be used to maraud and seize the wilds. The equite hammer provided should be sufficient to beat the wild in one round. If it does not, you can either increase the number of equites or add an additional dummy. Either way, you will probably need to research a higher level of Equitation technology in your Academy. As you can see in the video in the right - which shows 3 ways to maraud a level 1 wild - there are other strategies, so do experiment!

The abbreviation in the two strategy columns below are:

  • D: Decoy (whose formation is specified is specified in the "Decoy" column)
  • H: Hammer (an equite hero whose formation is specified in the "Hammer" column)
  • R: Reinforcement (a hero with a single hast, sag, or cav that is sent to the wild to be attacked in advance -- the hero must arrive before your attack lands

When it says "DDH", it means "send three heroes to the wild in one arena. the first two heroes are dummies, and the last hero is a hammer".

Troops for Low Loss Wild Marauding

Wild Level
Maraud Strategy
Seize Strategy
Equite Hammer
2 (1-1-1 Prin / 1-1-1 Ona)
2 (1-1-1 Hast / 1-1-1 Ona)
2 (1-1-1 Hast / 1-1-1 Sag)
2 (1-1-1 Hast/1-1-1 Sag)*
2 (3-4-4 Cav)*
3 (45-45-45 Hast)*
3 (20-20-20 Prin)*
* If the wild has level 7 footpace or higher (in other words: the Sagittari fight with Disperson), these decoys are best calculated -- see for instructions on calculating the decoys. If level 7 footpace is not present, use 1-1-1
Ranks Used For
Aedile, Censor
Censor, Quaestor
Quaestor, Tribune
Tribune, Procurator
Procurator, Praetor, 5th Legion Chief through Caesar
Praetor, Legate, 5th Legion Chief through Caesar
Legate through Caesar
5th Legion Chief through Caesar

Luxury Items

Most levels will occasionally give luxury items, something that’s necessary for ranking up and purchasing some equipment.

Drop rates vary by server. Typical drop rates right now are about 1/10 to 1/20 -- that is, for every 10 (or 20) marauds you do, you will receive one luxury item. You can increase your chances of getting luxury goods in many ways.

  1. Spam marauds until your plaza's limit at the same wild
  2. Maraud someone else's wild
  3. Seize an unowned wild
  4. Seize someone else's wild (note: if you are combining this with #1, have the last orslowest hero sent seize the wild)
  5. Increase your logistics technology level
  6. Send more troops than necessary
  7. Don't use dummies - drops seem to increase the more blood is spilled (so to speak)
  8. After a luxury good has dropped, wait just under 6 minutes and spam your plaza again.

Defending Wilds

If you are marauding (or seizing) another player's wild, if they are online, they will be notified of your attack, and may choose to defend their wild or inform their league that they have a wild being attacked. If you're attacking a woods, mountain, or desert, everyone will see the flames and may choose to defend (or "spike") your attack. If you're attacking a river, it's not as obvious to see the attack, but if someone's hunting for rivers to seize or hunting for you, they may find it. So you want to try to keep marauds as short as possible. (We already do that with seizes - that's why we use equite hammers and send a reinforcement.) You can use a 1-1-1 equite decoy as an alternative to the suggested ones, to decrease arena time, but your hammer will receive more damage.

Defending differs from reinforcement in the placement of the heroes in relation to the wild's troops. When you reinforce a wild, reinforced troops are always BEFORE the wild's troops. When you join the arena as a defender, you are typically placed AFTER the wild's troops, but occasionally you may be placed BEFORE. (This can change at server reset, and it's always a good idea to know what it is; you can reinforce/arena join in a way that's optimal for your defense strategy.)


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Level 3 should instead be 15/15/15/ principes for zero losses.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I would realy change the dummy's there. In the beginning u need minimum losses and that isn't gonna work with equi hammers!

      Suggestion: build up plaza, send wave, prepare next dummy's and send them before next wave arrives. Then u got about 8 hero's on the move all time and goes just as fast with less losses:)


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