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"Clash of Clans" Hack: Why You Should Stop Looking for One

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Clash of Clans is one highly entertaining and very addictive game. Defending your base and invading enemy territory provide hours upon hours of scintillating action. However, things can get difficult and boring if you run out of gems, elixir and gold. I’m sure you know how it feels when your resources dry up. This is what drives players to search for a Clash of Clans hack that will allow them to enjoy the game to the fullest extent possible!

But There is One Problem…

I admit that I have also spent countless hours looking for a working CoC hack. The Internet is littered with so-called resources generator that will give you unlimited gems, elixir and gold with a simple click of a button. But guess what? Not a single one of them works. There, I said it. I want to save your precious time. And I will share with you the reasons why so many are creating fake CoC hacks.

Is There Actually a Clash of Clans Hack That Works?

None! You can scour the whole web if you want, but I guarantee that you will come up empty. Your time will be better spent actually playing the game than looking for an unlimited gems or whatever hack. You might be wondering: Why are there tons of CoC hacks on the net? The answer is simple: they make money off of people like you who are searching to gain an advantage over legit players. That’s right—not only are you wasting your time, you are also making these scam artists good money!

How They Make Money Through Fake Hacks


This is what a typical player experiences when searching for a hack:

Player searches for a 100% working CoC hack. He clicks on a website claiming to have a resources generator. He clicks on the download button but is asked to complete a survey first before getting access to the file. The player finishes the survey and then downloads the file. He tries to open the file, only to find out that it is entirely unrelated to what he is looking for.

Sounds familiar? I’m sure most of you answered yes. You see, people are making money through these annoying surveys. Sometimes, you would even complete the survey and when you hit the submit button, you would get a message saying you are not qualified to take it! Simply absurd! And some surveys take very long to complete.

Some hosts also pay their users when they reach a certain number of downloads. Usually, when you click on the download button, you get redirected to an advertisement page. Yes, they also make money through these ads. You will see a “Skip Ad” button and then you will reach the download page. You will never get the hack you are looking for. What you might get is malicious software that will mess up your computer. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How About Those Clash of Clans Hack, No Survey and No Download?

Don’t fall for these claims. They are still making money off of their visitors in one way or another. And just because they claim something doesn’t mean they’re actually doing it. I bet you’ve run into these no survey downloads but still get pushed with some sort of information page which you have to fill in. Never give your personal information. If you are asked to give your credit card number, PayPal account or any other sensitive information, then it is an absolute scam! No doubt about it.

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No Shortcuts!

I know how tempting it is to cheat your way to victory. Maybe you are not willing to spend real money for virtual currency. But that’s just how games with freemium models work. Spending cash will significantly increase your progress in-game. And since we’re talking about money now, did you know that Supercell makes millions of dollars per day from CoC alone? Surely, a company that makes so much money would not let hackers ruin their epic real-time strategy game.

So do yourself a favor and stop looking for a working CoC hack. Just play the game and work your way toward top. After all, it’s more fulfilling when you win battles without using any cheat or hack.

Hear from other players!

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Really coc hack?

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Any hack I have found always makes you buy useless apps why can't they varify you in another way?

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