8 Games Like "Civilization VI"

Updated on April 15, 2020
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If you're a master strategist, then you can't afford to miss these games like "Civilization".
If you're a master strategist, then you can't afford to miss these games like "Civilization". | Source

Civilization VI – The Most Complete Strategy Game Ever

When talking about the best strategy games, no list would be complete without mentioning the Civilization series. Its rich history dates back to 1991. After three decades, the franchise continues to enjoy enormous success. Civilization VI is a smash hit, a turn-based strategy game that offers more in-game interactions than any of its predecessors. While Civilization is the go-to choice for virtually any gamer who wants to try the strategy genre, there are plenty of games like Civilization that you should consider too.

Games Similar to Civilization VI

  1. Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  2. Total War: Three Kingdoms
  3. Freeciv
  4. Endless Legend
  5. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri
  6. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
  7. Sigma Theory: Global Cold War
  8. Europa Universalis 4

1. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Want to lead a team of beast-like creatures and take down your opponent? Play Age of Wonders: Planetfall right now. Like Civilization, this game involves lots of strategies, especially in terms of launching offensive attacks. You need to develop your squad according to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Make sure you figure out what your opponent is trying to do before deciding what your plan should be. Some of their strategies can lure you into various traps.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is an exceptional game with futuristic graphics and realistic sound effects. The dinosaur-like creatures with flame roaring from their mouths to ignite the opponent's army is a treat to watch.

2. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Civilization focuses more on the growth of your people. It challenges your brain on how to provide your squad with enough food and artillery to defend your land. Total War: Three Kingdoms, on the other hand, goes all out into battle. The objective, though, is the same: build your squad so that no one can take over your land.

The spectacularly realistic graphics of this game will make you think whether you are playing a game or watching a movie. Accompanied by an amazing background score, this game provides a completely immersive experience which is quite rare in strategy games. If you like to take charge of battles instead of playing second fiddle, try Total War: Three Kingdoms.

3. Freeciv

Freeciv is almost a carbon-copy of Civilization. From the game's layout to how you go about building your army, this game replicates almost everything that you see in Civilization, making it an equally addictive game. The design and visuals are slightly different, though. Unlike the lush green outfield in Civilization, Freeciv is slightly darker and focuses more on the details of your territory.

You will be able to see precisely where your soldiers are and what they are doing. The map in the corner also tells you of the possible attacks that may come your way. Although it doesn’t have the action-packed graphics and storyline of Three Kingdoms, you will enjoy playing Freeciv because of its close resemblance to Civilization, especially when it comes to developing strategies.

4. Endless Legend

Mystical palaces, a throne room, and tons of guards waiting for an opportunity to kill you as soon as you get discovered—although the theme may not sound like Civilization, you will understand why I have kept this game on this list. The only way you can reach the throne is by planning escape strategies.

Apart from trying to sneak through the streets, you also need to smuggle your squad into this kingdom. They will act as your bodyguards. But make sure no one figures out what you are trying to do. The guardians of the throne are very ruthless. The moment they realize your real motives, you'll find them doing everything to kill you.

5. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

This is another game that looks exactly like Civilization. And there is a reason why. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Civilization both come from the same developers. But the gameplay is slightly different. The layout and graphics are similar but when it comes to strategies and timing of attacks, this game, to me, has a slight edge over Civilization.

The narrative of this game sets it apart from all the other strategy games. It makes you fall in love with the story bit by bit. The voiceover provides the ultimate setting to make the game more interesting. It offers a foreshadowing of the problems humans may face in the future. It's on you to develop strategies to avoid those life-threatening issues that may wipe out mankind from the face of the planet.

6. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

With graphics that resemble the movie The Scorpion King, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War will keep you entertained for hours. You need to improvise your strategies during every attack and that's what makes the game thrilling. It is challenging to see what's coming next because the attacks from your opponents take place so suddenly that you hardly have time to react.

Although this is a turn-based strategy game, it has multiple similarities with Civilization, especially when you consider the strategies for building your army. There are tons of unique creatures that you need to train so that they can defend your soldiers against violent attacks.

7. Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

First of all, the visuals of this game will throw you back. It is as if you have landed on a planet of robots and everything looks digital. The characters look realistic but they sound like robots. Plus, the graphics are different from what you see in Civilization. The buildings, cities, streets, and stores—all of them look like digital blocks. You get to choose your nation that will take on other nations in a quest to prove your supremacy.

Instead of building a squad of soldiers, you need to develop a team of undercover agents who will steal the secrets of other nations to help you strategize your next move. But other nations shouldn’t know about your intentions. You need to maintain a diplomatic relationship with everyone. That's where the game becomes more challenging. The concept is simple but it will take lots of intelligence to develop the right strategies to execute.

8. Europa Universalis 4

The gameplay of Europa Universalis 4 is more or less similar to Civilization. The graphics, though, is slightly different. It has more of a two-dimensional look. But that won’t be a problem, especially if you focus on the storyline. It is a game about bringing historical imbalances to order. And you are responsible for accomplishing this humongous task.

This is one of the longest games I have ever played. But it doesn’t seem boring at any point. You will need to plan your strategies well in advance so that your opponent doesn’t have any chance of escaping. The details of the characters and the nerve-wracking battles make this game thoroughly enjoyable.

Which game like "Civilization" will you play next?

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      5 weeks ago

      Hi, i was reading your bit about the different games, but the explenation about Endless Legend jsut doesnt seem to discribe the game at all. The game is much more about ruling and expanding an empire instead of something to do with trying to get into a throne room. You might want to look into that.

      Greetings, mord


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